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Running Competition No. 12
Mon 19th Dec to Sat 31st Dec 2016
1st Carmel Fox (28) 21pts
2nd Paddy O’Sullivan (35) 20pts
3rd Marion Mills (24) 18pts

Mini Hamper Sunday 18th December 2016
1st  Paddy O’Sullivan (36) 22pts
2nd Mary Malone (19) 20pts
3rd Mary Culliton (10) 19pts
4th May Tyrrell (22) 19pts
5th Maura O’Callaghan (28) 19pts
6th Marion Donohue (36) 18pts

Running Competition No. 11
Sunday  11th Dec to Sat 17th Dec  2016
1st Mary Killeen (28) 21pts
2nd Anne O’Sullivan (30) 18pts
3rd Mary McNamara (18) 17pts
4th Helen Bergin (18) 17pts

Running Competition No. 10
9 Holes S/F  Sun 4th Dec to Sat 10th Dec
1st  Evelyn Cashen    (22) 19pts
2nd  Kathleen Moore   (23)19pts
3rd  Maude Quigley   (28)18pts
4th  Mary Cushen     (17) 17pts
5th  Imelda Monahan  (19)17pts

Running Competition No. 9
9 Holes S/F
Sun 27th Nov to Sat 3rd Dec
1st  Sarah Bergin    (33) 20pts
2nd  Kate Brickley   (29) 19pts
3rd  Imelda Monahan  (19) 18pts
4th  Poilin Hooban   (17) 17pts
5th  Helen Bergin    (18) 17pts

Running Competition No. 8
9 Holes S/F
Sun 20th Nov to Sat 26th Nov
1st  Sadie Ging      (18) 21pts
2nd  Maureen O'Leary (31) 19pts
3rd  Ann Dunne       (24) 18pts
4th  May Tyrrell     (22) 16pts

Running Competition No. 7
9 Holes S/F
Sun 13th Nov to Sat 19th Nov
1st Helen Bergin (20) 18pts
2nd Paddy O'Sullivan (36) 17pts
3rd Pat Lambe (13) 17pts
4th Mary Dunne (35) 16pts
5th Kate Brickley (29) 16pts

Running Competition No. 6
9 Holes S/F
Mon 7th Nov to Sat 12th Nov
1st Mary Malone (19) 19pts
2nd Kate Brickley (30) 19pts

18 Holes S/F
1st Mary Bland (26) 33pts
2nd Mary Killeen (28) 33pts
3rd Ber Fitzpatrick (27) 33pts
4th Marie Conlon (11) 33pts
5th Nary Cushen (17) 31pts
6th Maureen O'Leary (31) 31pts

Running Competition No. 5
12 Hole S/F
Sun 30th Oct to Sat 5th Nov
1st Rita McNamara (18) 24pts
2nd Mary Malone (19) 23pts
3rd Marion Donohue (32) 22pts
Maura O'Callaghan (28) 22pts

Running Competition No. 4
18 Hole S/F
Sun 23rd Oct to Sat 29th Oct
1st Mary Culliton (10) 38pts
2nd Evelyn Cashen (23) 37pts
3rd Mary Dunne (36) 37pts

Running Competition No. 3
18 Hole S/F
Sun 16th Oct to Sat 22nd Oct
1st Pat Lambe (15) 36pts
2nd Mary Dunne (36) 33pts
3rd Mary Malone (19) 33pts
4th Mary Bland (26) 32pts

Running Competition No. 2
18 Hole S/F
Sun 9th Oct to Sat 15th Oct
1st Helen Bergin (22) 34pts
2nd Sadie Ging (19) 33pts
3rd Mary Mahon (18) 31pts

Running Competition No. 1
18 Hole S/F
Sun 2nd Oct to Sat 8th Oct
1st Sarah Bergin (35) 40pts
2nd Kathleen Miller (28) 34pts
3rd Rita McNamara (18) 33pts
4th Mary Mahon (18) 33pts

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