Temporary Local Rules

Temporary Local Rules Effective 30th July 2021

Sodded Areas on Putting Greens are Deemed Ground Under Repair
“If a players ball lies on the putting green and there is interference from stance, swing or intended line of play, the player may take relief by placing the ball or another ball on the nearest point of complete relief”
Rule 16.id

Bunker Rakes: -
Rakes are being returned to the course as and from 30th July 2021, players are encouraged to rake bunkers after their shot. 
Accordingly, the local rule permitting placing in the bunker is removed from this date. 
Flagsticks: - players may leave the flagstick in the hole or have it removed as per Rule 13.2. 
However, it is strongly recommended that only one person may handle the flagstick under current health guidelines and observing sanitising rules.

Fairway Lines: If a player’s ball lies on the lines defining the fairways it is deemed to be in ground under repair, free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1b. This applies for the lie of the ball only. (Model Local Rule F-8) 

Reminder - Numerous Rabbits on the Course: Relief may be taken from holes made by animals and the resultant scrapes made by them as per Rule 16.1b and subject to the condition in Rule 16.1a 2 and 3. 


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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies, cleaning and placing within 6" on fairways only.