Temporary Local Rules

Effective 1st April 2022

Fairway Lines: If a player’s ball lies on the lines defining the fairways it is deemed to be in ground under repair, free relief may be taken under Rule 16.1b. This applies for the lie of the ball only. (Model Local Rule F-8)  

There is no relief due to the clearance of bushes in various parts of the course.

Relief may be taken from holes made by animals and the resultant scrapes made by them as per Rule 16.1b and subject to the condition in Rule 16.1a 2 and 3.

Animal Damage and Wheel Imprints on Course

Relief is available from animal damage, sheep droppings, sheep tracks, and hoof imprints in the General Area.

Relief is allowed from machinery wheel tracks in the General Area.

There is no relief from old tree stumps except under penalty.

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