Winter Rules 2021/2022

Please note the following Local Winter Rules

Preferred Lies in General Area.

Lift Clean and Place ball on designated Fairway within [6 inches].

Lift Clean and Replace ball on Original spot when off the Fairway.

Sensitive Areas Roped for Protection.

Areas are roped to restrict access of Buggies and Trolleys in the area inside the rope for course protection.

Areas are In Play and relief is allowed if players Stance or Area of intended swing is impacted by the rope or support steaks.

Drop within one Club length from nearest point of relief from the obstruction not nearer the hole and then proceed under Preferred Lie option as stated above.


Bunkers are in play unless otherwise marked as G.U.R

Animal Damage and Wheel Imprints on Course

Relief is available from Animal Damage, Sheep Dirt, Sheep Tracks, and Hoof Imprints in the General Area.

Relief is allowed from machinery wheel tracks in the General Area.

Embedded Ball and Temporary Water.

Relief is available for a plugged ball in the General Area.

Relief is available from temporary water visible on the
surface of the ground in the General Area. (Does not necessarily include soft ground)

Buggies and Caddy Cars.

Buggies to be driven outside the line of the fairway everywhere including when approaching the green to protect the course.

Buggies and Caddy cars are not be be driven on:

  •  soft sensitive areas.
  •  tee boxes and tee box surrounds.
No Relief from Old Tree Stumps except under penalty


The weather provided by is not currently available.

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  • Captain's Drive Out
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12.10.2021 15:37
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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies, cleaning and placing within 6" on fairways only.