Lottery Winter 2022

Heath Golf Club - Lotto Jackpot Bonus Number - Lottery
Terms & Conditions (Open to members and non-members)
1. Draw will run over a 12-week period with one draw each week, starting on the 26th November 2022 and finishing on the 11th February 2023.
2. Tickets will cost €200 for the 12 weeks. A ticket can be bought by a group of people however the group must be represented by one person.
3. The draw will be limited to forty-seven participants.
4. A draw will be held to allocate a number (between 1 and 47 inclusive) to each participant/group on Wednesday 23rd November 2022.
5. This number will belong to the participant/group for all 12 draws and will not change during that period.
6. All participants and their numbers will be recorded by the Heath Golf Club.
7. The winning numbers for each draw will be the number of the bonus ball drawn on the relevant main National Lottery Draw i.e. Lotto Jackpot.
8. The relevant National Lottery Draws will be the draws that take place each Saturday.
9. The weekly winners, based on the above criteria, will receive prize money in the sum of €500.
10. The 47 tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis on or before 23rd November 2022.
11. Participation in this draw will constitute acceptance of the terms of this draw.

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