The Heath Golf Club's Local Rules

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1) Out of Bounds

a) On or over the county roads, the fencing surrounding the clubhouse, clubhouse enclosure, car park, putting green, the fencing surrounding the football pitches:

b) On or over the line of white stakes surrounding the driving range, to the right of the 3rd, 13th and 14th holes:

c) On or over the line of white stakes to the right of the 18th hole; Rule 18.2

2) Immovable obstructions

Sprinkler heads, manhole covers, fixed seats, distance markers, sweeping markers, fixed tee markers, direction signs, staked trees, if any of the foregoing interferes with the players intended stance or area of intended swing relief may be taken as per Rule 16.1.

3) Integral Objects

All buildings, ruins, sheds roadways and paths are integral objects; Rule 19 may apply.

4) General Area

A ball lying in a wheel or hoof mark; in animal droppings or on a sheep path in the general area is deemed to be in Ground under Repair and relief may be taken as per Rule 16.1.

5) Penalty Areas

The ponds at the 5th and 18th holes are penalty areas and defined by red stakes Rule 17.1

Please NOTE: Additional Local Rules may be posted from time to time on the Club Notice Board and on the website.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule:

Match Play - loss of hole, Stroke play - general penalty (2

Winter Rules Effective 1st Dec

The Heath Golf Club Winter Rules 2023/2024
[Revised and effective from December 1st 2023.]
Preferred Lies in General Area
Lift clean and Tee up your ball within 6” not nearer the hole on fairways, and similarly when off the fairway. This applies up to a point close to the green [20 yards] where the Golfer may then choose to play off the Turf.
Bunkers are in Play unless declared ” Ground Under Repair” and Not In Play
You may Lift your ball, rake sand underneath and replace ball close to the original spot, then rake sand again after playing your shot.
Sensitive Areas Roped Off [No Play Zones]
Designated areas of Fairways/Rough are protected by rope. Al such restricted roped areas are now No Play Zones. Take your ball to the side and drop it outside the rope not nearer to the hole before taking your next shot when Teed Up.
In the absence of a designated Drop Zone you may drop outside the rope anywhere but not nearer to the hole.
Embedded Ball and Temporary Water.
Relief is available for a plugged ball in the General area.
Relief is available from Temporary water in the General Area and on the Green.
On the Green.
If your ball lies on the Green and in a spot where the direct line of your putt is compromised by
[A]Turf damage caused by Animal or Bird
[B] An artificial or alternative hole cut by the greenkeeper,
Place your ball clear from the obstruction at an alternative spot on the green and not closer to the hole being played.
General Advice.
Repair/Replace Divots everywhere, Repair Pitch Marks on greens, Use sand on Par 3 Tee boxes for repairs and carry a sand bag during your round for repairs on the course. Observe signage to protect the Course during Winter Golf.
The ropes and support stakes are Immovable Obstructions [Drop Away and Leave Rope and stakes in Situ]
*Buggies *
Follow Instruction and do not Drive on Tee Boxes, Fairways or close to the Greens. Maximum of 2 buggies per Tee Time. Park your buggy and walk when looking for a ball or to play your next stroke.
Check the back of your Scorecard for Regular Rules of Golf that apply at The Heath Golf Club.

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