The Heath Golf Club's Local Rules

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1) Out of Bounds

a) On or over the county roads, the fencing surrounding the clubhouse, clubhouse enclosure, car park, putting green, the fencing surrounding the football pitches:

b) On or over the line of white stakes surrounding the driving range, to the right of the 3rd, 13th and 14th holes:

c) On or over the line of white stakes to the right of the 18th hole; Rule 18.2

2) Immovable obstructions

Sprinkler heads, manhole covers, fixed seats, distance markers, sweeping markers, fixed tee markers, direction signs, staked trees, if any of the foregoing interferes with the players intended stance or area of intended swing relief may be taken as per Rule 16.1.

3) Integral Objects

All buildings, ruins, sheds roadways and paths are integral objects; Rule 19 may apply.

4) General Area

A ball lying in a wheel or hoof mark; in animal droppings or on a sheep path in the general area is deemed to be in Ground under Repair and relief may be taken as per Rule 16.1.

5) Penalty Areas

The ponds at the 5th and 18th holes are penalty areas and defined by red stakes Rule 17.1

Please NOTE: Additional Local Rules may be posted from time to time on the Club Notice Board and on the website.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule:

Match Play - loss of hole, Stroke play - general penalty (2

Winter Rules Effective 23rd February 2023

The Heath Golf Club “Winter Rules” 2023/2024.
With effect from Friday 23rd February, 2024, these winter rules apply.

Ladies Red Course Starting on the 1st
Gents Yellow Course starting on the 1st
Lift , clean and place your ball within 6” not nearer the hole before taking your next shot. Before a ball is lifted its position shall be marked in the General Area.
Bunkers are in play unless marked otherwise as G.U.R. or declared as Not in Play. Lift and clean your ball. Rake the area underneath your ball before replacing your ball for your next stroke. Rake once again to smooth the bunker.
The Areas of the course impacted by recent work to control furze bushes are "In Play".
When your ball lies on a Green and the line of your putt is compromised by damage caused by a bird or animal [Abnormal Course Condition] you may take relief and place your ball on a spot not nearer to the hole than where your original ball came to rest. Rule 16 refers.
Repair Pitch marks or any damaged area on the Greens with a repair fork.
Sensitive Areas [Roped for Protection]
These areas remain in play unless marked as Abnormal Course Conditions, and Not in Play. No carts or Buggies permitted inside the Ropes.[Stakes and Ropes are Immovable obstructions as per Rule 16 and will remain in situ]
If your stance or area of intended swing is impacted by the rope or supporting stakes take relief of one Club Length from the point that affords you relief from the obstruction or Drop Back in line with no restriction on distance.
Tee Boxes
Please use the Sandbags to repair course divots and the sand provided on the Par 3 Tee Boxes for any damage caused there.
Maximum of 2 Buggies per group keeping off fairways and away from greens.

Competitions and Course Sub committee's. 07/03/2024.

Local Rules April 2024

Local Rules for Current Ground Conditions April 2024

• Due to the difficult underfoot conditions holes 7 and 8 will be closed.

• It is still possible to hold qualifying competitions over 16 holes.

Ground Under Repair No Play Zones:
If a player’s ball is in any of the defined “no play, ground under repair” zones including when it is known or virtually certain that a ball has entered and has not been found in the ground under repair, the player must drop a ball in the provided nearest dropping zone that is not nearer the hole with no penalty. *
Model Local Rule E1

Current Ground Conditions
General Area

When a player's ball lies in the general area of the course the ball may be lifted, cleaned and replaced without penalty. The player must mark the spot of the ball before lifting it and the ball must be replaced on its original spot. Model Local Rule E2

Fairway-Preferred Lies (Placing)

When a player’s ball lies in the general area cut to fairway height the player may take free relief once by placing the ball within 6 inches of the original lie of the ball. The original spot of the ball must be marked, the ball lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches not nearer the hole. Model Local Rule E3

If there is doubt as to whether the ball lies in the general area or the fairway Model Local Rule E2 must be used.


Marked ground under repair area on greens 5 and 10, damage caused by birds, accidental damage, sod removal (e.g. 4th,13th,18th greens and others).
If a player’s ball is on the putting green and there is interference by any of the above abnormal course conditions or the intended line pf putt, the player may take free relief by placing the original ball or another ball on the spot of the nearest point of complete relief that is not nearer the hole. The nearest point of complete relief must either be on the putting green or the general area. Rule 16.1d applies.

Immovable Obstructions

The stakes and tape defining the no play zones and protected areas are deemed immovable obstructions.
If any of the above interferes with the lie of the ball, or the condition interferes with players area of intended stance or area of intended swing, free relief may be taken by dropping a ball or another ball within one club length of the nearest point of complete in the general area that is not nearer the hole. Rule 16.1b applies.

• these local rules and drop zones may be amended as the need arises.
• if a ball strikes the posts and or tapes surrounding the no play zones and or those directing flow of golf traffic it (the ball) must be played as it lies.